Microsoft Teams Apps and Solutions Workshop

This in-person, or virtual workshop, is designed to help organisations like yours to improve workforce productivity, through the automation of key business processes - leveraging the Microsoft Teams platform.

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Assess stage
  • Identify your key stakeholders and decision makers
  • Gather information about your current state and, or environment
  • Research into challenges, pain points, and opportunities

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Identify stage
We'll work with you to identify, define and review key scenarios that will increase your productivity through process automation within Teams

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Evaluate stage
We'll evaluate the ready to use Apps, plug and play accelerators, and Teams solution options that are relevant to your organisation specifically

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Governance stage
We'll provide you with the guidance and key recommendations required to govern your Apps using policies and controls

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Dlivery stage
We'll provide you with a list of key recommendations, tangible next steps as an output from this workshop:
  • Solution design plan
  • App governance and policy plan
  • Implementation plan and recommendations

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Information overload can significantly slow down collaboration

According to the Harvard Business Review, and Gartner research, information overload can hinder organisational collaboration and productivity. 

  • 80% of company worktime involves collaboration
  • 59% of managers miss important communications due to information overload
  • 20% of the average knowledge workers day is spent tracking down and finding information they need to do their job

With a collaboration solution like Microsoft Teams, your teams can work smarter and more efficiently. Sign up for a workshop today.

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