Technology and Management Strategies for the Hybrid Office

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Maximising productivity and employee wellbeing in the new era of hybrid working

After an unprecedented year of change, and the need for highly flexible working practices, remote work and distributed teams are now commonplace around the world. For many organisations, the future is a hybrid world of both physically present and remote workforces. Things will never be the same again. This accelerated shift to a hybrid working model lays out an urgent need for organisations to redefine and rethink how work takes place.

To successfully navigate this transformation, businesses will need to adopt the right systems and technologies that effectively facilitate communications and collaborations.

What you'll learn

  • What constitutes a successful hybrid working model
  • How implementing the right technology stack can help redefine your modern work landscape
  • How a modern digital workplace can help provide safer workplaces during each phase of return
  • How the latest innovations in Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and Workplace Analytics can bring about equality and inclusion of employees regardless of location
  • How to ensure employee wellbeing and productivity in the hybrid world

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Our Speakers

Daniel Hipkin

Solution Expert, Content+Cloud

Dan Coleby

Modern Workplace Product Director, Content+Cloud

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