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Cybersecurity in the Post-Pandemic Era

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Virtual Roundtable for IT and Cyber Leaders

The disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis has created new challenges for IT and cybersecurity leaders. The broad range of issues has left companies struggling to maintain security and business continuity in the face of the pandemic.

Since the start of the crisis, organisations have rapidly shifted to remote working and moved most of their activity to the digital world to remain productive. While businesses have rightly focused on remaining resilient, organisations need to consider the risks of cyberattacks.


How can we secure new remote working practices while ensuring critical business functions are operating without interruption? How do we keep the organisation protected from attackers who are taking advantage?

Join our panel of cybersecurity experts and IT leaders as they discuss how businesses need to adapt to the new world, both during and post-lockdown.

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What you will learn

The increased risks of cyberattacks in a post-pandemic era
How to ensure business continuity
How to protect your business and maintain security when working remotely
How you and your business can adapt to the new norm


  • Darren Desmond

    Darren Desmond
    Director of Information Security at The AA

    Dean Cooke
    1 / 7
  • Dean Cooke

    Dean Cooke
    Group IT Director at Crest Nicholson PLC

    Gurpreet Sohal
    2 / 7
  • Gurpreet Sohal

    Gurpreet Sohal
    Head of IT at EKFB

    Luke Kiely headshot
    3 / 7
  • Luke Kiely headshot

    Luke Kiely
    Security Operations Manager at IT Lab (a Content+Cloud company)

    Pravesh Kara headshot
    4 / 7
  • Pravesh Kara headshot

    Pravesh Kara
    Security and Networks Product Director at Content+Cloud

    Tristan Watkins
    5 / 7
  • Tristan Watkins

    Tristan Watkins
    Head of Service Architecture, Security and Compliance at Content+Cloud

    Naveen Kausik
    6 / 7
  • Naveen Kausik

    Naveen Kausik
    Cyber Manager at IT Lab (a Content+Cloud company)

    Darren Desmond
    7 / 7