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One of our Microsoft MVPs and Teams Voice expert, Jason Wynn, uncovers the power of Teams Voice and how it can transform calls and meetings experience in your organisation. 

Learn about the technology behind the solution, the key benefits to your organisation and what a hybrid meeting experience could look like. Transform your user experience today.

Meet the Expert

Jason Wynn

Principal Technology Strategist & Microsoft MVP, Content+Cloud

Meet the Experts Orange

Throughout the year we will putting faces to our service areas. Meet a selection of our top subject matter experts and learn how to revolutionise your business and ways of working.


8th April - Azure

Our expert in cloud platforms and Azure, Nick Isherwood, will talk you through how to master cloud technology.

29th April - Business Change and Adoption

Change is inevitable, but are you well equipped to deal with it when it happens in your business? Hear about tried and tested  methods of change management and user adoption.

20th May - Teams Voice
10th June - Managed Services
1st July - SharePoint

Resident SharePoint expert and Microsoft MVP, Chris O'Brien, discusses the ways in which SharePoint can help improve your organisation.

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