Meet the Expert: Getting the most value from Microsoft 365 for Frontline Workers

In this Meet the Experts Session, our Microsoft MVP, Steve Goodman, will be joined by Jonathan Holmes, Business Director, as they discuss how Microsoft 365 can help with your Frontline workers.

This on-demand session covers topics such as:

  • What challenges hold back the business case for Teams and Frontline workers

  • How you can work with the business to define a clear vision for transforming the frontline employee experience

  • Getting things off the ground: How to deliver value early once you begin

  • Innovate as you deliver – how to use combination of Microsoft 365 tools and additional Microsoft Cloud services to deliver ROI

  • And more.

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Meet the Experts

Steve Goodman

Steve Goodman

Microsoft MVP,
Field Chief Technology Officer

jon holmes headshot

Jonathan Holmes

Business Director,
Enterprise Sales

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