Threat Protection Engagement

Put next-generation Microsoft security tools to work for you.​​

Led by our team of experts, this 1:1 100% Microsoft-funded workshop worth up to £10,000 will provide visibility into immediate threats to your organisation across email, identity and data. You'll also find out how to fix vulnerabilities in your defences and improve your long-term security posture.

A proactive threat mitigation strategy

Do you know how many phishing attacks your organisation receives? Whether your employees are using the right password protocol? Or whether personal data is being exposed? Put simply, is your organisation’s cloud environment as safe and secure as you’d like to think? This workshop gives you access to experts who will work with you to implement a modern threat protection strategy.

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What to expect from your Threat Protection Engagement

  • Analysis of cybersecurity threats found to be targeting your organisation
  • Visibility on threats to your Microsoft 365 cloud and on-premises environments to better understand your risks
  • Long-term recommendations from Microsoft about your security strategy with key initiatives and next steps
  • Actionable recommendations to mitigate identified threats and vulnerabilities to your organisation

We've supported a range of organisations on their journeys to enhancing their multi-cloud security:

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As a full Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud, you can trust that our experts will offer you the most appropriate solutions and tips for your organisation. 

Our award-winning, highly experienced team can advise you on the tools needed to protect your data and address your security needs.