Data Security Engagement

Identify data security risks in your organisational data.

Led by our team of experts, this 1:1 100% Microsoft-funded workshop worth up to £10,000 will give you the insights you need to understand data security, privacy and compliance risks in your organisation.

Investigate and take action on data security risks

Cybersecurity is a constantly shifting landscape. As our digital world continues to grow, so do the risks inherent in our services and tools. Data leaks and thefts have become a common vulnerability. This workshop explores how to intelligently investigate and take action on data security risks to create a safe workplace and protect assets.

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What to expect at your Data Security Engagement

  • A Data Security Check report with insights from the discovery process
  • Recommendations and next steps to mitigate your identified risks
  • Clarity on Microsoft’s approach to data security and controlling insider risks
  • Long-term compliance strategy recommendations and next steps

We've supported a range of organisations on their journeys to enhancing their multi-cloud security:

Why Content+Cloud?

When it comes to security, you need an experienced partner. As we're a full Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud, you can trust that our experts will offer you the most appropriate solutions and tips for your organisation. 

Our award-winning, highly experienced team can advise you on the tools needed to protect your data and address your security concerns. We can partner with you to define a strategy and approach which directly answers your specific needs and requirements.